Punkt Workshop – Bulgarie

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ID d’Art est fier de proposer depuis plus de 10 ans une sélection pointue de créateurs.
Ceux-ci sont rigoureusement sélectionnés par nos équipes sur les critères suivants : qualité, technicité, savoir-faire, esthétisme et innovation.

Punkt Workshop – Bulgarie

Maria Mladenova, Ivaylo Mitev and Petar Kamenov have been friends for many years, working in the meantime in various fields of design, when they finally decide to fulfill a shared dream - studio for recycling old furniture. Their main wish was to create unique design objects and that’s how they founded Punkt workshop in 2010 (Sofia, Bulgaria).

All of them have a passion for old objects, that usually no one needs. The materials they use are mainly found on the streets of the city, but sometimes it’s in somebody’s old house, where everything is full of dust. Other time it’s a fallen tree in a local park or something thrown away from the sea. No matter where the inspiration comes from, the final result is something done with attention to detail and sense of humour.