Kidspop – Italie

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ID d’Art est fier de proposer depuis plus de 10 ans une sélection pointue de créateurs.
Ceux-ci sont rigoureusement sélectionnés par nos équipes sur les critères suivants : qualité, technicité, savoir-faire, esthétisme et innovation.

The brand Kidpops is born like my little baby Giulia (now she is 3 years) after a big wish that has come true. Me and my husband personally designed and manufactured in Milan every single object of Kidpops, accessories for kids rooms like garlands and buntings, storage boxes, small laundry/shoes bags and pochette, and fashion like tulle skirts and dance tutù.

Everything is realized with the finest fabrics, printed cotton, popeline, tulle, we looked for and collect principally from French (and North Europe).

Kidpops is 100% made in Italy with French materials for dreamable objects for kids' world!